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Time moves at Different Speeds with Consciousness

Posted by Mind Power Master

Much misunderstanding exists today as to the nature of time in higher levels. The following is intended to resolve some of these issues.

Time is not a dimension in space.

Time does exist in higher levels, it is just different.

Time is both objective and subjective. Objectively it is a linear progression of universal change. Subjectively it is the processing rate and a holistically inclusive consciousness of change.

The higher your consciousness, the faster time goes by. The lower your consciousness the slower time goes by. When you are happy, time flies. When you are depressed, time stretches on for a seeming forever. Why? Because higher states of consciousness use subtler (lighter and quicker) energy and lower states of consciousness use denser (heavier and slower) energy to process your experiences. Thus, when you are in a higher state you process experiences faster and when you are in a lower state you process experiences slower. Using physical level change (time) as a baseline, which is very dense and slow compared to higher levels, higher states process physical change much quicker than lower states. Thus higher states “eat” physical time at a faster rate, giving the experience of physical time flying by. Lower states “eat” physical time at a slower rate, giving the experience of physical time passing slowly. Also, acceptance of experience speeds processing rate and resistance to experience slows processing rate, acceptance speeds up the experience of time and resistance slows the experience of time.

Additionally, the higher your consciousness, the more expansive and inclusive it is of the past and the future. The higher the state, the greater the ability to include more of the past from which learning is continually occurring and more of the potential future that is being created in a continually more optimal way. The past is set and does not change. What is changing is how we view the past, how we frame it. There is nothing wrong with the past that needs changing. No event is inherently bad, everything is subject to interpretation as bad or good or neutral. What needs changing is how we view the past, how we interpret it. When the past is resisted, it is interpreted as a detriment and acts upon the present as a detriment. When the past is increasingly accepted, valued, and learnt from then it is interpreted as a resource that empowers the present and the future. As we grow in consciousness, we are able to harvest increasing quantities of valuable lessons from the past. Events are temporary but the valuable consciousness gained from the events lasts forever. The potential future is continually being improved as we harvest lessons from the past - we continually see better ways of doing things, as time passes.

Time generally speeds up for an older person (life goes by faster) because they are generally processing at a higher rate.

Thus the higher your consciousness, the faster time goes by. Time is so sped up for the Causal Body (the Soul) that a Personality lifetime for it is like a day. A good life is like a good day. A bad life is like a bad day - nothing more, very temporary. For the Monad, time is much faster - a Personality lifetime is like a minute. Thus, hundreds or thousands of human lifetimes (incarnations) are experienced very quickly for the Monad. However, while the Monad is focused upon the current moment along with the Personality and the Soul, the Monad is also so expanded in its consciousness that it is simultaneously processing billions of years into the past and billions of years into the future, in the now - it is experiencing what could be called the “Eternal Now”.

- Energy Reality

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